11 Delicious Paleo Bread Recipes

Paleo Bread Recipes

Being afraid to go on Paleo because you can’t eat any more bread is wrong. You can enjoy different types of Paleo-Friendly breads that you can have it for your sandwiches, toast or with your meals

Paleo Recipe

1. Sweet Potato Bread

Here’s a paleo bread recipe that can make you change what you think about bread in general. You’ll find a healthy alternative with this recipe that ticks all the boxes when it comes to flavor, texture and the amazing taste. The sweet potato gives such an eloquent scent that you’ll want this kind of paleo bread ready to eat in a flash. The combo of coconut flour and milk with the sweet potato flesh gives just the right ‘kick’. And if sweet potato is a favorite with you as it with me, you’ll enjoy this paleo bread recipe that your taste buds will thank you for!

Sweet Potatto Paleo Bread

2.Paleo Pretzels

Paleo and pretzels in the same sentence – winning! So here’s a recipe you can really bite into. Paleo bread flours be it almond flour or coconut can really do anything you want them to if you’re ready to be adventurous. With this recipe you have so much to explore without losing the essentiality of a true pretzel. It merges salty and buttery in just the right pinch. Think paleo bread with a truly yummy twist; especially when you go with cinnamon like in the recipe. I always like the thought of throwing things together and getting that great result that surprises the palate. With such a paleo-friendly recipe as this one, one can’t go wrong.

Paleo Pretzels

3. Grain-free Sandwich Bread

You’ll never again have to wonder if paleo bread offers the same choices as conventional bread once you try this recipe. It gives you the substance of a true sandwich bread, just without the grain, yeast or dairy elements. This versatile paleo bread translates well for that favorite breakfast recipe or any time of day because it’s so light yet filling. If your craving for baked goods still needs curbing, here’s one recipe that will suit your savory needs.  You’ll appreciate every single bite because with this paleo bread you can be sure its tasty and satisfies that urge for that well-loved sandwich bread essence.

Grain-free Sandwich Paleo Bread

4.Cheesy Tapioca Bread

A paleo bread recipe with tapioca, cheese and all your other favorite things – what’s not to like? My enthusiasm for this recipe knows no bounds. I get to have the benefits of a true starchy bread recipe without losing focus of my healthy eating goals. No matter which kind of cheese you decide to combine with this recipe for an authentic paleo bread, it’s win-win. Spin in those herb seasonings to lift the spirits even better and be amazed at just how delightful this paleo bread is with almost anything. It has such satisfying ingredients that it balances out whatever its paired with be it eggs, bacon or whatever catches your imagination

5.Paleo Banana Bread

You absolutely can’t go wrong with this paleo bread because it breathes new life to a classic recipe. I couldn’t imagine not being able to have banana bread within my paleo diet and this recipe saves the day in more ways than one. It looks good and tastes great, with that tender, moist quality you’d prefer in your paleo bread from time to time. I for one will always root for this recipe because it can do no wrong as a healthy alternative to the real thing. Here’s a paleo bread that puts the ‘good’ in baked goods thanks its rich and tasty ingredients. It’ll be topping all your loaf-style lists in no time.

Paleo Banana Bread

6. Low Carb Cornbread

Can you think of any paleo bread recipe that has your mouth watering just with knowing it’s healthier than its traditional version? Well, this recipe is just the one. If you’re trying this the first time you’ll be amazed it’s as close to everyday cornbread in substance yet with less calorie worries. I try this whenever I feel I’m due for some self-indulgence because this tastes amazing and looks just as awesome. I like paleo bread with some density and this recipe makes for each slice to have that much body and fullness. Definitely low on carb yet high on taste and nutritional value.

Low Carb Cornbread

7. Almond Flour Bread

Almond flour is a staple in many a paleo bread recipe for those who don’t have to go nut-free. Thanks to this recipe your paleo food regime has a quick-fix bread with a nutty flavor that many enjoy. Make it all the more nutritious with your choice of fruit and double it up for French toast and experience what a difference it makes using paleo bread. With this recipe I never have to miss the conventional-style bread even for a moment. Because of the big part that bread plays in our nutrition as a whole, it’s great that in this modern day paleo bread enthusiasts have a worthy replacement. I keep trying this out by switching up a few things little by little just to always get a brand new flavor while keeping to the ideal of paleo bread.

Almond Flour Bread

8. Golden Flax Seed Bread

So many healthy ingredients to look forward in this great paleo bread recipe! Some flours call for a lot of eggs to hold it together while not leaving it dry and this recipe has one of those. Keep in mind that not only does it fit into the paleo diet because it’s free of gluten, yeast and even sugar, it can also be enjoyed whether you’re into paleo bread or not. You’ll find it delicious even with such a few select ingredients. The herbs blend in well with the golden flax seed meal, especially if like me you’re big on flavor without any excess density.

Golden Flax Seed Paleo Bread

9. Almond Flour Paleo Bread Recipe

With this recipe many paleo of us who’ve gone paleo can heave a sigh of relief. Especially since this paleo bread recipe hits all the right nutrition notes. You get to keep eating bread and do it your way too. Experiment with this recipe and make it as large as you want by increasing the recipe. With Almond flour paleo bread your wheat-free days just got all the more fun. You’ll get flavor value to go with the variety factor of making bread with almond flour instead of the standard modern bread style.

Almond Flour Paleo Bread Recipe

10. Irish Soda Bread

I always get excited with this recipe; really can’t help it; it’s paleo bread with a tasty sense of adventure. Yes it’s Irish soda bread as you know it just give or take a few factors. None of the grain of the traditional recipe yet all of the goodness and flavor of authentic paleo bread. I found it’s as simple as it looks on paper to make and you’ll be just as impressed as you get results that will make you relish this recipe for keeps. Simple yet unique, here’s your answer to a dependable paleo bread recipe. Its rich with texture both inside and out and you’ll want to try this the first chance you get so go for it!

Irish Soda Bread

11. Pesto Pizza Bread

You’ll be getting away with a lot when you try this recipe. I’m always looking for different takes on the whole paleo bread element I want to keep in my diet line of vision. Here’s one recipe that will blow the lid off anything you’ve tasted before in terms of paleo bread or pizza. Feel free to relish this cave-man style like we always do with our winning, health-positive paleo foods.  In terms of topping I like to experiment while keeping true to this fantastic recipe. Amazing how we can combine the love of pizza and paleo into one mega-healthy, scrumptious meal down to the last crust.

Pesto Pizza Paleo Bread


I do hope you enjoy all these great paleo bread recipes as i do. Starting this diet was a bit of adventure for me, but what i found is that i am not alone in this new lifestyle.




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